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GOLF Ball Distance vs. Location  


Kevin Tringale
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21/03/2020 8:47 am  

I am a lover of playing GOLF in warm weather.  Especially tropical climates.  I've notice how the clubs feel warm, the ball seems to compress easier and the ball seems to fly further.  It's the best!  I've notice at cooler climates at sea level, say Seattle in the Pacific north west, the ball doesn't' seem to go nearly as far.  It must be the cooler air, even in summer time, or the air density because of the cold ocean water?  Anybody ever notice this kind of thing going on?

Andrew Cavanagh
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21/03/2020 9:32 am  

I've definitely noticed this and know exactly what you are talking about.  I live in Vancouver Canada, so the same climate as Seattle and the ball doesn't travel far in these parts.  If you go to a tropical place, there's an improvement.  When I've been in Phoenix, I notice probably a 15 to 20 yard difference off the tee.  At an even higher altitude in Calgary, AB in the summer I'm talking probably 20 to 30 yds longer off the tee.  Crazy differences!!