Do You Play A Fade ...

Do You Play A Fade Or A Draw?  


Andrew Cavanagh
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09/03/2020 8:00 pm  

After taking a lesson or 2 over the last 7 years, I finally got a coach to tell me that I need to teach myself to hit a draw.  Non negotiable.  If I want to get better, if I want to start to learn to hit the ball pure, if I want to start hitting it farther, then I need to learn the inside to outside swing.  I've been able to play good Golf with my fade, most of my good rounds being in the low 80's and I have broken 80 a few times.  On bad days, bad shots turn into slices and shanks due to the steepness of the slightly over the top move I have getting too much over the top. 

My new coach has got me started on drills to hit the ball from the inside out.  I already am starting to see the benefits.  My irons feel super solid and carry farther with that pretty draw spin.  My drives go off the face like crazy due to the inside out and the shallow attack it has on the ball.  He had me teeing it up with a 3" tee, I usually never used anything more than 1.5" because I would get under it. 

I'll just say I am having a lot of fun with this new move and am looking forward to getting better at it to see what kind of game it can bring me.  That fade that I could make work for me most of the time is going bye bye!!!