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Congratulations, you have discovered the greatest place for people to grow their knowledge, share their experiences and strengthen the game of Golf.  Whether you have already forged a bond that can never be broken with the greatest game ever played or you are a new comer.  This community has been created for you to enjoy the game even more than you already do on the course.  Enter your Golf scores and get a FREE handicap as well as detailed stats that include Fairway %, GIR %, Par averages and Putting!  There is an abundance of fun and interesting content that will without question get you gearing up for your next round of GOLF.

Explore the members area where you can sign up and create a personal profile.  With it you can interact with other members, make new friends, check out their stats and take a look at their recent scorecards.  Create a group to coordinate a tournament or weekend trip.  Start a conversation in the extensive forums area to get some answers for those burning questions or even to jump in on a conversation to offer up some of your knowledge and advice.

In your profile you have the ability to upload pictures and create a library or post video on your wall to share with others.  Comment on other members posts, send messages or find and make new friends, it’s all here. The fundamental goal of My Tour GOLF is to bring the Golfing community together and have players from all over share their experiences and knowledge with each other. It has been done in a way that will give you all of the features that the popular social networking sites give you today plus so much more.

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